Bazooka Ball

$7.50 per person   |  $2.00 per person/second game

060 Sports is the first in the Wichita metro to offer Bazooka Ball. It’s an exciting game that allows players ages 7+, all the excitement of paintball and laser tag, but using specially made 2″ foam balls, fired from a uniquely designed barrel of a paintball gun.  Looking for a Bazooka Ball birthday party?  Check out our “birthday party” tab.

Bazooka Ball Collage


Each player is issued a high impact sensor team vest, mask, paintball marker with the Bazooka Ball barrel and Bazooka Balls. After a safety briefing, each team moves to their end of the 2500 sf glow-in-the-dark arena. Our arena hosts 6 Bazooka Ball and 6 LED bunkers.

Once our arena marshal starts the game, each player shoots towards their opponents on the opposite team. The Scoreboard is linked to each game vest and when a game vest is hit, scores are automatically registered in real time! The game is won by the team with the most points when the clock strikes 0:00.


Simple. Please get in contact with our General Manager at or call us 316-613-3337.